The Holistic Approach to Cancer

Q: What do you mean by “holistic approach?”


We believe that the body is a miraculous creation that has the ability to heal itself—yes, even from cancer. We promote FIRST adopting a diet, lifestyle and other natural disciplines/modalities that stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanisms BEFORE (or, alongside of) reverting to medicine/drugs/chemicals. We promote natural healing from within. While our organization focuses on cancer, we feel this “holistic approach” may address a multitude of diseases.

Q: Why seek holistic over conventional treatment?


Simply stated, holistic treatments have been proven to result in greater quality and quantity of life with late stage cancer diagnoses. We believe that the odds of finding a permanent cure through holistic means are greater than through man-made drugs. The holistic path may also produce other life-changing results, OTHER than the healing or management of disease, such as weight loss, mind-body awareness, stress-reduction and an overall healthier body and life.

Q: Do I have to choose between the two? Can’t I implement both?


Of course!–this is your disease and your body and your treatment must be YOUR choice! We label this approach, combining traditional with holistic, as INTEGRATIVE and DO promote it—especially with advanced staged cancers. This holistic approach may not always produce QUICK results. Often times, a cancer may be fast-moving and aggressive, in which case we see people choose a more traditional approach for a quick initial result and then bring in the holistic arm as the anchor moving forward. Again, your treatment is your choice and it should be something you believe in!

Q: What costs are involved in holistic cancer treatment? Isn’t it expensive?


We’re not going to lie, YES, which is why our organization exists – to help individuals offset the cost of holistic treatments not covered by health insurance. While some healing modalities and disciplines cost very little (e.g. proper sleep, eating plants, lowering stress, exercising, deep breathing, coffee enemas, rebounding, proper hydration etc.) certain IV therapy treatments, supplements and holistic practitioners can be very expensive. Fundraising is encouraged as well.

Q: What could my life look like on this holistic path?


If you’re looking for a walk-in-the-park magic bullet, this path is not for you. The holistic, lifestyle change approach commands self-discipline, sacrifice, dedication and an “all in—whatever it takes” mentality, especially for those who are seeking primarily holistic means to treat advanced cancer.
It may seem as if your whole life revolves around your health and you may have to repurpose hours of your time to activities such as preparing your own food, juicing, enemas, going to bed earlier, attending appointments, etc. However, the payoff is a healthier you. Rarely do we meet anyone who regrets seeking the holistic path (considering the alternative).

Q: Where do I start?


Research, research, research. Please don’t take our word for anything! Educate yourself and prepare to be inspired by all of the success stories you read about! After you learn about all of the holistic options available, implement a protocol that fits your budget and lifestyle.

However, keep in mind the more advanced the disease the more aggressive you must be—view each modality and lifestyle factor as a WEAPON OF WAR. The more weapons the better—you must attack this pesky, persistent and unpredictable disease from MULTIPLE angles. Visit our recommended reading page for more information.