Our Board

The story of our original beneficiary, Sharon, inspired the formation of HealThy Life. Sharon was diagnosed with Stage IV incurable cancer in July 2016 at the age of 36. She was prescribed high-dose chemotherapy as her only treatment option, which was, as admitted by her oncologists, merely a time-buyer. It was then that she deciding to wage her personal battle against cancer holistically in search of a permanent cure. The expense of treatment was significant compared to conventional options.

This group of neighbors and friends rallied around her cause and the result was our first fundraising event, The HealThy Life Track Meet and Health Expo. Watching Sharon undergo her non-toxic, side-effect-free treatments with success inspired the group to form HealThy Life with the mission of assisting others on the same journey and educating the general public about the benefits of more integrative methods of fighting cancer.

Joelle Gorden

Joelle Gordon


Since HealThy Life’s inception, Joelle has been an integral force behind the continued growth of this non-profit organization. In the role of President, she oversees all meeting, committee and project management, business development and logistics for current projects.

Reach out to Joelle regarding collaboration ideas for future fundraising efforts or if you have any questions about our organization.

Joelle is a mother of two and resides in Haddon Township.  Prior to starting her Life Coaching practice, Joelle was certified in Reiki I and completed a Community Herbalist Class.  She is a fervent believer in making the best of a situation and being proactive about one’s health.  Her love and guidance inspire countless others to do better in their daily lives.

Rachel Tarvin

Rachel Tarvin

Vice President

Rachel is currently our Vice President, but she has filled many roles for HealThy Life over the years.  Among other duties, she manages all social media efforts and coordinates communications with our members and volunteers.

Contact Rachel to submit an article, promotion or news brief for our social media, to get involved as a volunteer or to join our Facebook group or Instagram.

Rachel lives in Haddon Township with her husband, daughter and fur-baby, Scout.   As a family, they have started a organic and regenerative orchard project in Medford, NJ.  She is a certified Kripalu Yoga and Yoga Tune Up®️ instructor. She has been teaching yoga in the area for over 5 years and believes that movement is medicine and that self care is the new health care.

Julie Crosson


Julie became a board member in March 2019 and was recently elected Treasurer.  She has over ten years experience working in a non-profit agency in both administrative and financial roles.  Her experience and keen eye make her a valuable part of our team.  

Julie is a mother of two and resides in the mountains of Asheville, NC, with her husband, son, daughter & cat.  Currently she is a stay-at-home mom, enjoying watching her children grow at lightspeed.  

Dona Fasano


Dona joined the HealThy Life Board as Secretary in March 2022. Following the experience of caring for both parents to their passing from terminal cancers, Dona wholeheartedly recognized the mission for care excellence as one of immense and significant need in our world.

Dona is an Interior Designer and Master Yoga Teacher, combining the “inside” lens and practices of self within all aspect’s of one’s life. Her career and life’s purpose are founded on people and relationships – the hallmark of her passion being a life-raiser and up-lifter, moving from a space of authentic care and love.

Dona resides in Mount Laurel, NJ, with her husband Steven and lady dog Maya. She has the blessings of three children and a granddaughter.